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Investment Strategy

Everyone loves a label. We define ourselves as private capital.

This means that we are comfortable investing and supporting a company from seed to IPO.

We are hands-on, but understand there is a fine line between helpful and painful.


We know where the line sits.


We invest in people.

We invest based on our confidence in the founders and management to successfully deliver on their business plan.


To accelerate growth, we actively engage our portfolio companies with our operational and technical experience and our networks. 

This support helps to maximise investor returns, reduce investment risk and deliver successful outcomes.

What We Look For


  • Platforms and businesses that understand, grow and monetise audience

  • Businesses where audiences are clearly defined, tracked, managed and have a clear path to monetisation


  • Targeted core content genres with global appeal across multiple platforms

  • Outstanding content creators across television/film, gaming and digital media


  • Technology that facilitates the creation of better content;

  • Businesses utilising technology that accelerates audience engagement and enables superior aggregation and monetisation of audiences

  • Infrastructure that supports emerging media eco-systems

Our Ethos

Founder First

We invest early with a strong focus on the founder and management team's ability to deliver on their business plan.

Media Expertise

Our internal processes, in combination with insights from our expert media advisors, allow us to make high conviction investment decisions.

More Than Money

We actively assist portfolio company management with our operational and technical experience and networks to accelerate growth.

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