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We are Media Experts


We are investing in the next generation of global media companies.


The digitalisation of media has led to amazing democratisation of content and audiences.

We identify, invest in and work actively with the world's leading unlisted media companies, their founders and their executive teams.

We are unapologetically founder first.


We understand how difficult it is to build exceptional businesses.

We only invest when we know we can add the value and support needed to make the company succeed.



"Relationships with investors need to last for years, through good times and bad, and our experience of working with Adam Schoff (the very first VC investment into XR Games) has proven that we made a great decision. they are not the type of investor who just turn up on a monthly basis for a board meeting. Adam is there whenever I need him. To share the wins and take critical learnings from the losses. adam's extensive team and network of advisors are invaluable to provide support as we grow and scale.”

"XR Games are proud to be backed by act media ventures"

Bobby Thandi


What We Look For:

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